Jams and Preserves

Our Fig Jam and Fig Preserves are made with our ripened, tender figs, with no artificial flavors or coloring. They have a smooth and sweet flavor with a hint of honey and caramel.

Our Blueberry Jam is chockfull with sweet, flavorful blueberries for a delicious authentic flavor.

We grow Muscadines and Scuppernongs, which are native grapes of the Southeast, and make sweet, tart, and delicious tasting jam from them.


We have kept bees for more than 20 years now, mainly as a hobby. We sell our extra honey locally only.

We call our honey “Wildflower Honey.” We do not grow any particular crop on our 68 acres, nor do any of our neighbors. So, the bees collect nectar from any wildflower they can find.


We have normally well over 100 laying hens running around, which provide us with an abundance of farm fresh eggs, much to the satisfaction of our local customers.