Forx Farm is a family owned and operated business, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Upstate South Carolina, near Lake Hartwell. After we, Tammy and Ron Lubsen, immigrated from The Netherlands to the USA in 1980, we settled down in the upstate.

After our son Don joined our Glass-bending Company, the opportunity arose to take some time off, to pursue our dream of making Artisan Gouda Cheese.

Practicality dictated to buy the milk from Certified Dairies instead of having our own milk cows. Forx Farm buys raw milk from Hickory Hill Farm in Edgefield, SC and from Happy Cow Creamery in Pelzer, SC.

Our cheese is hand made in small batches with modern equipment, but using authentic recipes.

We make 7 flavors of Artisan Gouda, as well as Leyden, Parmesan and Gruyere, all from raw milk.

We use raw milk because it retains its natural nutrients and benefits, some of which are lost when pasteurizing milk. 

Cheese made from raw milk has a fuller, richer flavor.

Raw milk cheese must ripen a minimum of 60 days, at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.

We age our cheese between 2 and 30 months, depending on the taste we wish to achieve.

We invite you to watch this video from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, featuring Chef Ambassador Erica McCier, Forx Farm, and Hickory Hill Milk.

Our Products

Semi-hard & Hard Cheeses Made from Raw Milk

Mild Gouda

Aged 2 to 4 months, resulting in a smooth tasting cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and a soft, creamy texture.

Mild Gouda is great on a sandwich or in lasagna, grilled cheese with tomato bisque.

Medium Sharp Gouda

(Also called Mature Gouda); is aged 6 to 7 months, which intensifies the flavor and hardness, giving it a smooth nutty flavor with a slightly drier texture.

Medium Sharp Gouda is perfect for slicing or grating into a salad or in a calzone.

Sharp Gouda

Sharp Gouda
Sharp Gouda

Aged 12 months, has a robust flavor with a hint of caramel that fills the mouth. The texture is reminiscent of the younger cheeses but drier still.

This cheese is aged for a strong flavor making it ideal shredding into a fondue or cubed with a glass of wine or a beer. Other recommended uses would be in grits or a compliment to a sandwich.

Extra Sharp Gouda

The Extra Sharp Gouda is aged 24 months in a temperature and humidity controlled ripening cave. Over this time the cheese develops a robust flavor profile with an almost salty sweetness to start with, that quickly mellows as the flavor crystals of crystallized protein melt into a beautiful but strong cheese-taste. It finishes with a lingering cheesiness that leaves you wanting more.

Its dry sharpness is to be enjoyed with some fine wine or strong beer, grated over a bowl of pasta or onto a salad.

Smoked Gouda

Has a pleasantly aromatic smokey flavor that compliments the smooth creamy Gouda cheese. It finishes with a satisfying slowly fading smoke and cream flavor.

Smoked Gouda makes for a great addition to any charcuterie board or melted over a hamburger patty, enjoyed with wine or beer, or melted on a steak.

Smoked Gouda with Bacon

Has a smokey salty tangy flavor with a bacon finish and the creamy texture of smooth Gouda cheese.

It is great to cube and have in front of the big game or shred it up and put it on those potato skins. Scrambled eggs have never been better.

Gouda with Herbs de Provence

Gouda with Herbs de Provence
Gouda with Herbs de Provence

We have added a blend of Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, and Marjoram to the cheese. This medley of herbs gives the creamy smooth Gouda some real pizazz!

Add some to your mac and cheese casserole to give it a wonderful new earthy flavor. Add some to a charcuterie board with a great wine. The delightfully creamy Gouda with Herbs de Provence has a wonderful flavor profile that will have you coming back for more.


Leyden is a traditional Dutch cheese. Inspired centuries ago by the exotic spice trade, it’s made with cumin seeds that impart a fragrant aroma and zesty flavor. It’s mild with a buttery, semi-soft texture, and like all Forx Farm cheese, is made from the rich, creamy, sweet milk produced by local cows.

Use it on sandwiches or by itself, with a nice beer or a glass of wine. Shred it up and add it to your chili, or to your tacos, quesadillas, or your burritos. A delightful cheese to elevate any occasion.


Aged well over 12 months, has a subtle, nutty aroma and flavor, it is enjoyed in chunks with a favorite red wine, or grated over a variety of dishes.


A classic, traditional Swiss cheese, Gruyere is a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk that was first made in the town of Gruyere, Switzerland.

Gruyere is well-known as the basic ingredient in fondue. But with its delightfully nutty, spicy, full flavor, it is delicious as table cheese as well.


Our vacuum-packed Cheese is available in pieces of approx. 6 oz. to 16 oz. (1 lb.) Larger pieces are available on request. Whole wheels are approx. 20 lbs. Weights are approximate, since the cheese making, as well as the cutting, are all done by hand.

Soft Cheese Made from (Low Temperature) Pasteurized Milk


Has a smooth texture, with a rich, buttery, fruity flavor, it is covered with a white rind.

Brie is a soft, cow’s milk cheese that originated in France. It has a creamy texture and subtly nutty flavor, with hints of butter and mushrooms. Its edible white rind adds depth to its flavor profile and helps keep the cheese moist.

Ricotta cheese

Has a soft, subtle creaminess that makes it the perfect addition to all sorts of Italian dishes, from lasagna to cannoli. Riesling pairs well with Ricotta dishes.

Cream Cheese

An honest cream cheese without any fillers or preservatives. It has a mild, sweet taste with a pleasant slight tang.


Feta cheese is a soft, white-colored, crumbly cheese made from pasteurized milk.
One of the oldest cheeses in the world, it's known for a rich aroma and slightly sour taste.

Pimento Cheese

We make our Pimento Cheese with Forx Farm Gouda Cheese and Forx Farm Cream Cheese, which is our secret to an astonishing tasty product.

Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese

Of course, we use our Forx Farm Smoked Gouda and Forx Farm Cream Cheese. The result is delicious!!!!

Cultured Butter

We pride ourselves on our European style butter. Cultured butter has a more pronounced butter flavor. It’s creamier than traditional butter with just a slight tang from the cultures.

Other products

Jams and Preserves

Our Fig Jam and Fig Preserves are made with our ripened, tender figs, with no artificial flavors or coloring. They have a smooth and sweet flavor with a hint of honey and caramel.
Our Blueberry Jam is chockfull with sweet, flavorful blueberries for a delicious authentic flavor.

We grow Muscadines, which are native grapes of the Southeast, and make sweet, tart, and delicious tasting jam from them.