Forx Farm is a family owned and operated business, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Upstate South Carolina, near Lake Hartwell. After we, Tammy and Ron Lubsen, immigrated from The Netherlands to the USA in 1980, we settled down in the upstate.

After our son Don joined our Glass-bending Company, the opportunity arose to take some time off, to pursue our dream of making Artisan Gouda Cheese.

Practicality dictated to buy the milk from Certified Dairies instead of having our own milk cows. Forx Farm buys raw milk from Hickory Hill Farm in Edgefield, SC. 

Our cheese is hand made in small batches with modern equipment, but using authentic recipes.

We make 7 flavors of Artisan Gouda from raw milk, as well as Leyden and Parmesan.

We use raw milk because it retains its natural nutrients and benefits, some of which are lost when pasteurizing milk. 

Cheese made from raw milk has a fuller, richer flavor.

Raw milk cheese must ripen a minimum of 60 days, at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.

We age our cheese between 2 and 24 months, depending on the taste we wish to achieve.

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