At Forx Farm we make Artisan Gouda Cheese from raw milk and we keep Honey Bees, who provide us with our well-known Wildflower Honey. Our products are sold on a regular basis at local farmers markets across upstate South Carolina.  Please read more about our cheese below and visit the links in the navigation above to learn much more about us!

The raw milk is bought from Southern Oaks Jersey Dairy Farm, whose Jersey cows are grass-fed and never get antibiotics or hormones.

Forx Farm is equipped to pasteurize the milk, and we may add cheese from pasteurized milk to our products, if there is a demand for it.

Picture of Gouda cheese molds used to give the Gouda Cheese its shape and density.

Our cheese is hand made in small batches with modern equipment, but using the Old Dutch recipe.

The raw milk cheese has to ripen a minimum of 60 days, at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.

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